Scotland tightens e-cig rules, but new studies bring good news

It’s now illegal for under-18s to buy vapour products in Scotland, thanks to a new health law pushed through by the ruling SNP. There’s some hope for US vapers though, as Trump’s pick for FDA head refuses to commit to a flavour ban. Meanwhile in academia, researchers have found that e-cigs are a popular choice among American soldiers – and that strict vaping laws deter smokers from quitting.

New GOP Congress Could Save Vaping In America

According to The Washington Post, the United States government transition into a Republican-controlled White House paired with a House and Senate with the GOP as the majority and their conservative agenda could be actively targeting the FDA Vape regulations during their plans to massively deregulate govt. policies considered damaging to the economy.

UK: Data commending e-cigs as smoking cessation tools

A study by University College London (UCL), and Cancer Research UK (RCU), earlier this year, found that despite the fact that attempts to quit smoking have not diminished in numbers, the number of smokers who managed to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes had reached a significant 18,000 up to 2015.

Is using soap worse than Vaping?

It's an unusual question... Is using soap worse than Vaping? If you have read up on your vitamin E, you may recognize the word “tocopheryl” in this ingredient. Wouldn't that be something good for you? Take anything and mix it with something else, and you can come up...


“What exactly is in E-Liquid?”  “Is it safe?”  “It has anti-freeze in it!”  “I’ve heard it’s worse than cigarettes!” These are a few questions and statements I’ve been on the receiving end of lately so I thought it would be great to write up an article solely devoted...

Studies show potential lower carcinogens in e-cig products

Studies show potential lower carcinogens in e-cig products As the electronic cigarette industry, analysts and critics await definitive research on the health risks of e-cigs, studies released last week added to the smoke around the issue. The main questions about...

A Basic Guide for Mechanical Mods and Safety

What you need to know in order to safely dive into mechanical mods. Mechanical Mods are becoming rather common in the vaping scene, especially among vapers who like to push their equipment to the limit. Hell, even I have a few and I am not a limit pusher. MVPs and...

Battery Safety and Ohms Law

Batteries have the potential to be dangerous if they are not carefully designed or if they are abused. Cell manufacturers are conscious of these dangers and design safety measures into the cells. Likewise, pack manufacturers incorporate safety devices into the pack...

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