Korea’s major tobacco company launches its own HnB device

KT&G Corporation is a Korea-based tobacco company which manufactures and sells several cigarette brands including, ESS, PINE, ZEST, CIMA, CARNNIVAL, RAISON, BOHEM, both in Korea and overseas. Last July, the tobacco company had announced that it would launch its...

Public Health experts: US needs an anti-smoking ambassador

“What the nation needs now is a candid and resolute champion to cross the threshold and deliver a clear message about less harmful tobacco products,” said the experts in an article on The Hill.Dr. Amy Fairchild, an associate dean of academic affairs at Texas...

AHA study: E-cig users more likely to be former smokers

Presented at the AHA’s Scientific Sessions 2017, a global exchange of the latest advances in cardiovascular science for researchers and clinicians, the research indicates that when compared to other tobacco users, vapers are more likely to be current or former...

Another study finds no link between e-cig use and an inclination to smoke

The Centre for Substance Use Research, (CSUR), has conducted a study by interviewing 100 non-smokers of ages that vary between 16 and 29, which found that contrary to many claims to the opposite, youths are very well able to differentiate between electronic cigarettes and their combustible counterparts, and that exposure to one did not in any way increase their interest in the other.

Scotland tightens e-cig rules, but new studies bring good news

It’s now illegal for under-18s to buy vapour products in Scotland, thanks to a new health law pushed through by the ruling SNP. There’s some hope for US vapers though, as Trump’s pick for FDA head refuses to commit to a flavour ban. Meanwhile in academia, researchers have found that e-cigs are a popular choice among American soldiers – and that strict vaping laws deter smokers from quitting.

New GOP Congress Could Save Vaping In America

According to The Washington Post, the United States government transition into a Republican-controlled White House paired with a House and Senate with the GOP as the majority and their conservative agenda could be actively targeting the FDA Vape regulations during their plans to massively deregulate govt. policies considered damaging to the economy.

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