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Here at Vapeform, the one and only hub where you can come to find out where it’s safe to vape, whether it’s the local pub or in the city. We dedicate our time to finding the ins and outs of every Club, Pub and Bar. We won’t stop until we’ve built the most comprehensive list of bars possible, starting within the Belfast area.

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Yard Bird

Whites Tavern


The Union Street Bar

The Northern Whig

The National Grande Cafe

The John Hewitt Bar

The Harp Bar

The Eglantine Bar

The Dirty Onion

The Crown Liquor Saloon

The Cloth Ear

The Apartment

Sixty 6

Pavilion Bar


Love & Death


Kremlin Night Club

Kitchen Bar

Kelly's Cellars

Katy Daly's

Fountain Tavern

Duke of York

Brennans Bar


Benedicts of Belfast

Aether & Echo

21 Social

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Hold your horses, fella.

We are rebuilding your favorite part of the website with a new updated look. We’re contacting over 100 bars in Belfast just to find out if you’re allowed to use your e-cigarettes in them. This shouldn’t take too long – Why not check back tomorrow? We will incrementally update the list as and when the information becomes available to us.

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